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Radiant II Necklace


Behold the Radiant necklace!

This necklace sparkles with natural semi precious gemstone beads and mother of pearl letters. The natural healing energies of the gemstones radiate through your body in all directions and uplift, energise and inspire your spirit
starring in no particular order...
Tigers eye is an extremely grounding stone that brings courage, eases fear and limiting beliefs. She’s a go getter! Ancient Egyptians used to describe it as a sunbeam trapped inside a stone, what’s more badass and radiant than that?
Citrine energises every level of life and is said to be the stone of positivity and joy. It’s yellow hue reflects its bright and happy energy that will keep you glowing and your optimism flowing.
Moonstone is a stone of strength balance and is associated with your inner goddess. It instills calm, harmony and inner peace.
Sunstone speaks to your intuition and allows your real self to shine through happily. It deflects negative energies and replaces them with light and good vibes.
Turquoise is known as a balancing stone that brings protection, good fortune and hope.
She’s electric!


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