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Jewellery that POPS!

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Popahula Has Evolved From My Love Of Fashion And Style And My Recent Discovery Of The Magical World Of Crystals.

Popahula is a Scottish jewellery brand that celebrates the natural elements, innate beauty and
positive energies in semi precious gemstones that energise and empower all who wear them.
Each necklace is carefully designed to be worn with a laid back bohemian vibe or to add an
elegant sophistication to any outfit while channelling the vibrations and energies they carry.
Each crystal and gemstone is a magical work of art by nature and symbolises a different meaning and carries its own energy, allowing you to connect with them in your own unique way.

Not only does crystal jewellery look good it also makes you feel great! Choosing your gemstones can be a great way to remind you what you need to do for yourself to restore and elevate your energy.

Your jewellery is a reflection of you!

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