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One World Necklace


One World, there’s no planet B, lets step up to protect Mama Earth
Made from these wee miracles of the Earth, Turquoise is a true balancing stone that was formed nearly 30 million years ago (I’ll let that sink in)..........and is known to be protective, bring wisdom and is even classed as a master healer.. Peridot activates your inner strength and drive. It is known as the stone of compassion - for all things - that is sure to free your mind Apatite helps to motivate and inspire and gives you the urge to fully express yo self! Amazonite is a beautiful pale green stone that helps to relieve stress, anxiety and an overactive mind. It will soothe and calm nerves and help you to think more clearly Each necklace is hand made and packaged with care. Features a 24k gold plated toggle clasp and love heart charms

“So give me your hands, give me your hearts
I'm ready! There's only one direction
One world and one nation
Yeah, one vision!”- Queen

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